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UK establishment number BR025523

UK establishment office address
1 Principal Place Worship Street, London, EC2A 2FA
Opened on
28 February 2023
Type of business
The Company'S Purpose Is To Acquire And Sell, Or Otherwise Distribute Products And Services Of All Types And Descriptions Sourced From The Amazon Group And From Any Third Party Sellers, To Businesses And Other Organizations Or Entities, Including Affiliates Of The Company, On Any And All Websites Of The Amazon Group; To Operate Programs On Any And All Websites Of The Amazon Group And/Or Utilize The Amazon Group E-Commerce Services, Features, And Technologies, And To Conduct Any Commercial, Industrial Or Financial Operations That May In Any Way Contribute Directly Or Indirectly To Such Purpose. The Company May Furthermore Take Participations And Interests, In Any Form Whatsoever, In Any Commercial, Industrial, Financial Or Other, Luxembourg Or Foreign Companies Or Enterprises And May Acquire Through Participations, Contributions, Underwriting, Purchases Or Options, Negotiation Or In Any Other Way Any Securities, Rights, Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents And Licenses, And Other Property, Rights And Interest In Property As The Company Will Deem Fit, And Generally May Hold, Manage, Develop, Sell Or Dispose Of The Same, In Whole Or In Part, For Such Consideration As The Company May Think Fit, And In Particular For Shares Or Securities Of Any Company Purchasing The Same. The Company May Also Enter Into, Assist Or Participate In Financial, Commercial And Other Transactions, And Grant To Any Holding Company, Subsidiary, Or Fellow Subsidiary, Or Any Other Company Associated In Any Way With The Company, Or The Said Holding Company, Subsidiary Or Fellow Subsidiary, In Which The Company Has A Direct Or Indirect Financial Interest, Any Assistance, Loans, Advances Or Guarantees, And The Company May Also Borrow And Raise Money In Any Manner And Secure The Repayment Of Any Money Borrowed. The Company Can Perform All Commercial, Technical And Financial Operations, Connected Directly Or Indirectly In All Areas As Described Above, In Order To Facilitate The Accomplishment Of Its Purpose.

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