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12 Apr 2000 288b Director resigned
12 Apr 2000 288a New secretary appointed;new director appointed
12 Apr 2000 288a New director appointed
12 Apr 2000 RESOLUTIONS Resolutions
  • WRES13 ‐ Written resolution
This document is not currently available online. You can request to add the document to the company's filing history, which costs £3.
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12 Apr 2000 RESOLUTIONS Resolutions
  • WRES01 ‐ Written resolution of Memorandum of Association
12 Apr 2000 225 Accounting reference date extended from 30/11/00 to 31/12/00
27 Jan 2000 CERTNM Company name changed law 2062 LIMITED\certificate issued on 27/01/00
24 Nov 1999 NEWINC Incorporation