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Company number 03646282

Standard security

3 March 1999
10 March 1999
Satisfied on 29 October 2005
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • Hvb Real Estate Capital Limitedas Agent and Trustee for the Finance Parties

Amount secured

All obligations, monies and liabilities including interest, costs, charges, fees, expenses and others due or that may become due by the company and/or any other obligor (as defined in the credit agreement) to any finance party (as defined in the credit agreement) and their respective successors and assignees whomsoever in any manner or way or in any respect whatsoever whether alone or jointly with any other person or persons and whether as principal debtor, agent, guarantor or surety or otherwise whomsoever and howsoever arising including without prejudice to the foregoing generality all present and future obligations and liabilities (whether actual or contingent and whether owed jointly or severally or in any other capacity whatsoever) of each obligor to each finance party under or pursuant to a credit agreement dated 19TH february 1999 amongst the company as general partner of the limited partnership carrying on business under the name of the hercules property limited partnership, the company as general partner, the original chargors, the original counterpary, the arrangers, the banks and the agent (as those terms are defined in the credit agreement) as the same may be properly and validly extended, amended, varied, supplemented, novated, restated, replaced or renewed from time to time and each finance document referred to in the credit agreement except for any obligation which if it were so included would result in the standard security contravening section 151 of the companies act 1985

Short particulars

All and whole the subjects k/a dumfries retail park glasgow road dumfries under t/n DMF1999 and being that piece of land extending to 3.09 hectares or thereby lying to the south of the dumfries by-pass and to the northeast of glasgow road in the burgh and county of dunfries,. See the mortgage charge document for full details.

Additional transactions filed against this charge

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Statement of satisfaction of a charge in full or part (403a) 29 October 2005 Image unavailable