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Company number 02949447

Charge (in the terms of the lloyd's canadian trust deed "the trust deed" dated 26 september 1995. the instrument amends and restates the instrument dated 9 november 1977, as further amended by deeds dated 8 march 1978 and 11 june 1989)

28 December 2000
17 January 2001
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • The Trustees, Lloyd's and Certain Other Persons or Bodies (As Further Defined on Form M395)

Amount secured

All losses, claims, expenses, returns of premiums, re-insurance premiums and other outgoings payable at the date of the trust deed or at any time thereafter to become payable in connection with the canadian business of the company, including (1) the payment of any amount into an escrow fund or account to be held in respect of a particular claim of a policyholder or any other person and (2) all expenses whatsoever from time to time incurred by the company in connection with or arising out of the canadian business of the company including any salary, commission, other remuneration and reimbursement of outlays payable by the company to the agent or to any other person in connection with the conduct or winding up of the canadian business, the repayment of any outstanding indebtedness incurred by the company to meet valid expenses of the canadian business of such company, the company's due proportion of remuneration and reimbursement of expenses of the canadian trustee, the company's due proportion of any shortfall in the lloyd's canadian business fund (including any costs or expenses in respect thereto) and including also any taxes incurred in or by reason of the canadian business

Short particulars

All property which may be (or should be) assigned or transferred to or received by the canadian trustee under the trust deed and any accumulations and increments from any such property. All premiums monies and other assets whatsoever belonging or payable at the date of the trust deed or thereafter at any time belonging or becoming payable to the company in connection with the canadian business and received on behalf of the company by the agent or any other person. See the mortgage charge document for full details.