Pay a penalty for filing your company accounts late

Use this service to pay a company's late filing penalty.

You'll need:

  • the company number
  • the reference number on the penalty notice
  • to sign in to or create a Companies House account, which is different from a WebFiling account
  • a credit or debit card

You can appeal a late filing penalty , but you'll need to show that the reasons for filing late were exceptional.

It takes around 5 minutes to pay.

Other ways to pay a penalty

Pay by Bacs

You can pay using Bacs payment.

It usually takes up to 3 working days for your payment to reach Companies House. Check your bank's transaction limits and processing times before making a payment.

You'll need to use the Companies House sort code, account number and account name.

Paying from an overseas account

You can pay through a bank transfer from an overseas account.

You'll need to use Companies House swift code, account number and account name.

Email the LFP finance team at Companies House to tell them you've paid. Include in your email the:

  • company number
  • company name
  • reference number on the penalty notice
  • amount paid
  • date paid

Pay by cheque

You can pay by cheque through the post. Make the cheque payable to 'Companies House only' and send it along with the slip on the penalty notice ('remittance advice') to Companies House.

Write the company name and number on the back of the cheque. You'll find the company number on your penalty notice.