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Company number 08337076

Charge code 0833 7076 0004

25 September 2023
25 September 2023
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (MR01)

Persons entitled

  • Praetura Invoice Finance Limited

Brief description

The relevant obligor, with full title guarantee in accordance with the law of property. (Miscellaneous provisions) act 1994 charges in favour of praetura as continuing security for. The payment and discharge of the secured obligations:. 4.1.1 by way of legal mortgage, the real property as mentioned in schedule 1( if any),. 4.1.2 by way of fixed charge, any real property now or at any time after the date of this deed belonging to any obligor.. 4.1.3 by way of fixed charge, the plant and machinery, the details of which are set out in. Part 2 of schedule 2. 4.1.4 by way of fixed charge, all plant and machinery owned by it and its interest in any. Plant and machinery in its possession. 4.1.5 by way of fixed charge,. A) all present and future investments owned by it;. B) all investment derivative rights owned by it;. C) where any investment is held in a system for the deposit and settlement of transactions in investments. 4.1.7 by way of fixed charge, all present and future intellectual property rights owned by it;. 4.1.8 by way of fixed charge, its goodwill;. 4.1.9 by way of fixed charge, its uncalled capital;. 4.1.10 by way of fixed charge, all rights, interests. And claims in each insurance policy;. 4.1.11 by way of fixed charge, the benefits of all licences, consents and authorisations held. In connection with its business or the use of any charged property.
Contains fixed charge.
Contains floating charge.
Floating charge covers all the property or undertaking of the company.
Contains negative pledge.