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Company number 07015363

Amendment and restatement lloyd’s american instrument 1995 (general business of corporate members) (the 1995 american instrument (corporate members)) dated 31 july 1995 and amended on 28 december 2001, 1 april 2001, 1 august 2001, 13 february 2002, 27 september 2007 and 24 march 2009

1 January 2010
19 January 2010
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (MG01)

Persons entitled

  • Lloyd’S, and Certain Other Persons or Bodies (As Further Defined on Form MG01)

Amount secured

All sums due or to become due under the terms of the aforementioned instrument creating or evidencing the charge

Short particulars

All the present and future assets of the company comprised in the company’s dollar trust fund constituted under and pursuant to the 1995 american instrument (corporate member) full particulars of which assets are set out in clause 3 of and schedule 2 to the 1995 american instrument (corporate members). See image for full details.