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Company number 04180143

Deed of deposit and charge on cash deposit

5 April 2001
10 April 2001
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • Abbey National Treasury Services PLC

Amount secured

The company agrees to pay to the chargee (a) all amounts due and owing from time to time under the counter-indemnity agreement between the company and the chargee dated 20 march 2001 and the deed; and (b) all costs and charges and expenses (including legal fees) which the chargee may incur in enforcing or maintaining its rights hereunder or in obtaining payment from the company or attempting to do so, amounts to be paid under paragraph (b) will be paid on demand. The banks recourse in respect of amounts due under the deed is limited to the extent described in clause 4.7 of the counter-indemnity

Short particulars

The deposit by way of first fixed charge in favour of the chargee.