Apply to object to a company being struck off

Use this service to tell us why a company should not be removed from the Companies House register.

You can only object to a company being struck off after the notice has been published in The Gazette.

What is The Gazette?

Official notices about insolvency or companies being struck off are published in The London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes. You can search The Gazettes online, and get help using their guide to searching The Gazettes.

We must receive the objection within 2 months of the publish date.

We cannot register your objection if the company has already been dissolved and struck off. If you have a legal claim to pursue, the company must be restored first. Read the company restoration guidance for more information.

This service takes around 15 minutes. The service will time out after 60 minutes. Your answers will not be saved.

Before you start

You'll need:

  • to sign in to or create a Companies House account
  • the company details
  • to upload evidence to support the objection, for example invoices showing the company is still trading or owes a debt

Documents must:

  • show the full name of the company being struck off
  • show how the company is being pursued
  • be no more than 6 months older than today's date
  • show evidence that supports your objection, such as invoices or court documents