Company number 09459114

Charge code 0945 9114 0002

21 April 2021
23 April 2021
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (MR01)

Persons entitled

  • Bibby Financial Services Limited (As Security Trustee)

Brief description

By way of first legal mortgage, all land (ad defined below) belonging to the company at the date of the debenture including without limitation that described in part 1 of schedule 2 to the debenture (a copy of which schedule is attached to this form MR01).. In the debenture "land" means all estates and other interests in freehold, leasehold or other immovable property (wherever situated) or in which the company has an interest and:-. (I) all buildings and fixtures (including trade fixtures but not including tenant's fixtures) and fixed plant and machinery at any time thereon;. (Ii) all easements, rights and agreements in respect of such property;. (Iii) all proceeds of sale of such property; and. (Iv) the benefit of all covenants given in respect of such property.
Contains fixed charge.
Contains floating charge.
Floating charge covers all the property or undertaking of the company.
Contains negative pledge.