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Company number 08124207

Charge code 0812 4207 0041

13 December 2018
19 December 2018
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (MR01)

Persons entitled

  • Cortland Trustees Limited

Brief description

The chargor with full title guarantee, charges the following to the security trustee by way of a fixed legal charge as continuing security for the payment and discharge of all money and liabilities now or in the future, due, owing or incurred to the finance parties by the company under the finance documents: issued share capital of signature living residential limited (crn 09705401), all of which are owned by the chargor. The chargor also charges with full title guarantee, the allotments, rights, money or property arising from the shares by way of conversion, exchange, redemption, bonus, preference, option or otherwise. Together with dividends, distributions, interest and other income from the shares and stocks, shares and securities offered in addition to or substitution for the shares.
Contains negative pledge.