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Company number 05488013

First assignment of insurances and requisition proceeds executed outside the united kingdom and comprising property situated there

26 September 2005
17 October 2005
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • Kdb Asia Limited Acting on Its Own Behalf and as Security Trustee for and on Behalf of Thebeneficiaries

Amount secured

All monies due or to become due from the owner and the other owner to the chargee and the other beneficiaries and all monies due or to become due from the LLP, the initial class a member, the initial class b member, the managing member, the initial charterer and the new sub-charterer to the chargee under the terms of the aforementioned instrument creating or evidencing the charge

Short particulars

All the interest of the managing member, both present and future, in the LLP's assigned property. See the mortgage charge document for full details.