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Company number 05242028

Lloyd's united states situs credit for reinsurance trust deed ("the trust deed") dated 07/09/1995 in respect of syndicate no. 557 (the syndicate") (as amended and as supplemented from time to time and as supplemented by a deed of accession dated 01/01/2009)

1 January 2009
20 January 2009
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)

Persons entitled

  • The Trustee, Lloyd's, the Agent, All Ceding Insurers, and the Other Parties as Defined Therein

Amount secured

All sums due or to become due under the terms of the aforementioned instrument creating or evidencing the charge

Short particulars

The principal at any time but excluding the investment income from time to time earned thereon the property in the actual and sole possession of the trustee at any time and held under the provisions of the trust deed allocable to the particular trust created by the company with respect to the particular year of account of the syndicate ("the trust fund" or "trust") for further details please refer to schedule to form 395.