Company number 03102273

A charge dated 17 november 1998 (but effective from 1 january 1999) in the terms of the amendment and restatement lloyd's american surplus or excess lines insurance joint asset trust deed (the "trust deed") itself constituted by an instrument dated 7 september 1995 (as amended and as supplemented from time to time) and as further amended by a deed of amendment

17 November 1998
21 January 1999
Satisfied on 14 September 2020
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • The Trustee, Lloyd's, the Agent, All Policy Holders and Certain Other Persons or Bodies(As Further Defined on Form M395)

Amount secured

(A) the payment of matured claims (including claims for loss and claims for the return of unearned premium) under (I) any contract or policy of insurance issued by one or more underwriters or former underwriters at lloyd's pursuant to surplus lines or excess lines laws of any state district territory commonwealth or possession of the united states in which underwriters are not licensed provided that with the exception of such contracts or policies attaching on or prior to 15 november 1995 underwritten under any binding authority incepting prior to 1ST august 1995 and subject to (ii) below such contracts of policies shall not include any contract or policy of insurance incepting on or after 1ST august 1995 which is underwritten by underwriters on or after that date or (ii) any contract or policy of insurance which satisfies the definition of an american policy in lloyd's united states situs surplus lines trust deed (as prescribed by council from time to time) (b) all expenditure and fees of the trustee (as defined in the trust deed and being as at the date thereof citibank N.A. of 111 wall street new york U.S.A.); (c) repayment of cash or securities advanced by the trustee to the trust held under the provisions of the trust deed; (d) certain transfers by the trustee to other trust funds or to the chief regulatory officer for insurance of the state of new york or other designated receiver and for securing the other amounts and obligations referred to in the trust deed

Short particulars

The trust fund. Cash in us currency or specifically designated readily marketable securities and/or letter of credit substituted by current contributors at any time for any cash or assets then forming part of the trust fund. Cash drawn down on any letter of credit at anytime and held as an asset of the trust fund pursuant to the terms of the trust deed. Further contributions to the trust fund received by the trustee from time to time and held subject to the terms and conditions of the trust deed. (See form 395 for full details).

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