Company number 03102273

Charge in the terms of the lloyd's american instrument 1995 (general business of corporate members) (the "american instrument") itself constituted by an instrument dated 31ST july 1995 as amended by a deed of amendment and direction dated 21ST december 1995

21 December 1995
11 March 1996
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • The Managing Agent's Dollar Trustee, the Other Trustees as Defined, Lloyd's, the Council, Therelevant Managing Agent and Certain Other Persons or Bodies (As Further Defined on Form M395)

Amount secured

The payment or discharge of the company's obligations and (subject as mentioned in the american instrument those of any syndicate or group of which the company is or has been or is about to become a member) to keep fully funded or provide any and every continental business regulatory deposit and all losses, claims, returns of premiums, reinsurance premiums, expenses and other outgoings payable as at the date of or at any time after the date of the american instrument to become payable in connection with any continental new american business (being the underwriting business of the company at lloyd's (other than long term business (as defined in the insurance companies act 1982) and business conducted for any year of account commencing after the sixtieth anniversary of the date of the company's lloyd's premiums trust deed for general business) where (1) such business (a) involves the provision of insurance or reinsurance with respect to property or risks which is or are or will be ordinarily situated in (or the provision of reinsurance to an insurer which is resident or domiciled in) the united states or canada; and (b) is (subject to exceptions) excluded from the existing lloyd's american trust deed by virtue of the amendment thereto mentioned in recital (d) of the american instrument; and (2) the liability in respect of such business is expressed in united states dollars and the premium payable in has been paid or is payable in united states dollars; and for securing certain other expenses, charges and remuneration, and payments to the trust fund subject to the company's lloyd's premiums trust deed, the trustee of the existing lloyd's american trust deed and the trustees of any fund constituted or regulated by an overseas direction of the council of lloyd's, and for securing the other amounts and obligations referred to in the american instrument

Short particulars

All premiums or other moneys that (apart from the american instrument and the company's lloyd's premiums trust deed) belong or are payable or may at any time belong or become payable to the company in connection with so much of any new american business (as defined in the american instrument) and as is conducted by a managing agent appointed by the company (the "managing agent"), all assets representing and all further assets at any time added to the dollar trust fund constituted by clause 3 of the american instrument or treated as added to that trust fund, and all income arising from the above premiums, moneys and assets, and other property referred to in the american instrument.