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Company number 02849743

Second priority british statutory mortgage

1 October 1997
9 October 1997
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • Svenska Handelsbanken Ab (Publ)

Amount secured

All moneys owing on an account current between the company and the chargee regulated by a deed of guarantee and indemnity dated 11TH december 1995 whereby the company has guaranteed to the chargee the obligations of stena international bv (the borrower) in respect of all sums due or to become due under a loan and guarantee facility agreement dated 11TH december 1995 as amended by a supplemental agreement dated 6TH december 1996 and as further amended novated and restated by a master amending agreement dated 26TH september 1997 and by a deed of covenants collateral to the mortgage dated 11TH december 1995

Short particulars

64/64TH shares in the oil drilling vessel stena spey and her boats guns ammunition small arms and appurtenances official no.709996.