Company number 02443741

Supplemental debenture

15 January 1997
29 January 1997
Satisfied on 21 July 1997
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • National Westminster Bank PLC

Amount secured

All present and future obligations and liabilities (whether actual or contingent and whether owed jointly or severally or in any other capacity whatsoever) of each charging company (as therein defined) to any transaction party (as therein defined) under each transaction document (as therein defined) except for any obligation which if it were so included, would result in the debenture dated 16TH december 1996 (as therein defined) contravening section 151 of the companies act 1985 (the "secured liabilities")

Short particulars

(A)- first legal mortgage all the material real property, all estates or interest in any f/h or l/h property,(b) - first fixed charge all estates or interest in any f/h or l/h property, all group shares, all moneys standing to the credit of any account, all benefits in respect of the insurances, all book and other debts, the proceeds of the same and all other moneys due, the goodwill, benefit of all licences, uncalled capital, the intellectual property rights, all benefits and proceeds in respect of the guarantee and support agreement and the share sale and purchase agreement, (c) - first floating charge all its assets not otherwise charged by paragraphs (a) and (b) above other than the present and future shares owned by the company in bell cablemedia (south hertfordshire) limited. See the mortgage charge document for full details.

Additional transactions filed against this charge

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Statement of satisfaction of a charge in full or part (403a) 21 July 1997 Image unavailable