Company number 02220337

Deed relating to netting and payment arrangements

28 February 1997
12 March 1997
Satisfied on 21 December 2020
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • Barclays Bank PLC

Amount secured

Any obligation for the payment or repayment of money, whether actual or contingent, present or future, joint or several and whether incurred as principal or surety, including principal, interest, commission, fees and other lawful charges and expenses for which a participant (as defined) may be or become liable to the chargee (in its capacity as security trustee) and the banks (as defined)

Short particulars

By clause 3.1 of the deed, the company agreed that each bank may, at any time or times on or after the enforcement date (as defined in the inter-creditor agreement) without notice, set off any or all sums of money now or subsequently standing to the credit of the company (including any unmatured deposit or any deposit in respect of which the appropriate call notice has not been given) against all or such part of such indebtedness as such bank may determine (whether presently payable or not).. See the mortgage charge document for full details.

Additional transactions filed against this charge

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Satisfaction of a charge (MR04) 21 December 2020 View PDF for Satisfaction of a charge (MR04) (2 pages)