Company number 01989106

Fixed charge by client on purchased debts which fail to vest and other debts and floating charge on banked proceeds of other debts

30 January 2001
14 February 2001
Satisfied on 3 October 2006
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland Commercial Services Limited

Amount secured

All monies due or to become due from the company to the chargee under the invoice discounting agreement for the purchase of debts (as defined in the agreement) and their related rights (as defined in the agreement) and any agreement in variation of,or supplemental to,or substitution for such agreement or otherwise

Short particulars

(I) by way of fixed charge any present or future debt the ownership of which fail to vest absolutely and effectively in the security holder for any reason and (ii) all amounts of indebtedness now or at any time owing to the company on any account whatsoever other than the purchased debts and any debt; by way of floating charge all the moneys which the company may receive in respect of other debts.

Additional transactions filed against this charge

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Statement of satisfaction of a charge in full or part (403a) 3 October 2006 Image unavailable