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Company number 01929333

Declaration of pledge of securities and claims

20 November 1997
26 November 1997
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • The Guarantor (Please See Form 395)

Amount secured

All present and future obligations of the pledgor to the guarantor (a syndicate of banks whose lead bank is citibank N.A. and whose members as at the date of this certificate include banque bruxelles lambert S.A. banque generale du luxembourg S.A. banque internationale a luxembourg S.A. credit commercial de france kredietbank N.V. kredietbank S.A. luxemburgeoise union bank of switzerland and whose composition may periodically change) arising from its guarantee of the pledgor's borrowings of securities arranged under the cedel securities lending and borrowing rules and regulations of march 1997 as amended from time to time (the rules)

Short particulars

All present & future securities bonds notes certificates of deposit instruments or rights representing property rights or claims as well as other debentures etc. see the mortgage charge document for full details.