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Company number 01138069

Deed of charge

20 August 1982
26 August 1982
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge
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Amount secured

All monies due or to become due from the monty python partnership to the chargee pursuant to a memorandum of agreement dated 23/2/1982 & any deed or document supplemental thereto.

Short particulars

1) the company's rights, title & interest in connection with the production of the film 2) all other rights & properties in & to all contracts entiered into for serviced & facilities in connection with the production of the film 3) present & future copyright and distribution rights with regards to the film 4) all debts owed by any bankers to the company pursuant to any banking ACCOUNTS5) all the company rights to both negatiive & positive material 6) all other material rights (please refer to doc M17 for full details).