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Company number 00056674

Supplemental deed of charge

21 March 2006
31 March 2006
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • Deutsche Trustee Company Limited as Agent and Trustee for the Borrower Secured Parties

Amount secured

All monies due or to become due from the company to the chargee and/or any other security provider and/or the punch borrower or any of the other junior creditors on any account whatsoever under the terms of the aforementioned instrument creating or evidencing the charge

Short particulars

F/H abbey 944 chesterfield road sheffield t/no SYK428293,f/h abington park brewery wellingborough road northampton t/no NN160993,f/h adam & eve high street homerton t/no EGL413814 (for details of further properties charged please refer to form 395) all estates or interests in such property and all buildings,trade and other fixtures,fixed plant and machinery from time to time on such f/h or l/h property. See the mortgage charge document for full details.